Rebajado! Motor brushless Graupner COMPACT HPD 6443-22029, 860g, 2960W, 220Kv Ver más grande

Motor brushless Graupner COMPACT HPD 6443-220, 860g, 2960W, 220Kv

Motor brushless Graupner COMPACT HPD 6443-220, 860g, 2960W, 220Kv

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Graupner HPD High-Performance Motors

The new Graupner HPD external rotor motor series can be used optimally both for glider models and motorised models. Furthermore, the motors are also
suitable for the Graupner "up and go" folding motors.


  • High-precision production quality
  • Effective integrated cooling system
  • Finely ribbed surface for optimum heat dissipation
  • Delivery includes set of accessories
  • Operating instructions in German, English, and French


Technical information
Connecting plug : G4
Number of poles: 14
Sort: Brushless
Operating voltage range [V]: 22,2 - 37
Width o.a. [mm]: 72
Recommended propeller: Graupner E-PROP No. 1326.22x10
Recommended controller: Brushless Control HV + T 150 G 6 (No. 33850)
Free shaft length [mm]: 22
Case diameter: 64
Case length: 72
Weight [g]: 860
Weight approx. [g]: 860
Maximum efficiency: 90
Overall length [mm]: 94
Overall length, approx. [mm] : 98
No-load speed [rpm]: 6512
Output [W]: 1500
Magnet : Neodym
Max. output at nominal voltage [W]: 2960
Nominal voltage [V]: 29,6
Max. charging rate [A]: 100
Revolutions / Volt [kV]: 220
Shaft diameter [mm]: 10
Permissible motor direction : CW / CCW


Descarga aquí el manual de este motor.