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Last updated: 29th of May, 2018

We use cookies in order to be able to give you a better service and also to provide a better browsing experience.

A cookie is a small and harmless text file that is stored in the user's device, almost all websites generate cookies, they began to be used about 20 years ago when appeared the first web browsers. Thanks to the cookies we can improve the quality of our website and control which pages are most useful and which need some improvement, cookies are also necessary for the proper functioning of our online store.

You can find more information about cookies and how they work on the following links:

Everything related to Google cookies and their management and configuration is available at:

We assume that if you use our website and do not set your web browser to refuse cookies, you are implicitly agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

We use first party and third party (Google and Revi) cookies. These cookies only store anonymous information, which means they do not contain personal information or anything that identifies you. This information is never shared with other companies, we use it to provide a better service to our visitors.

Our first party cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our online store, which is based on the PrestaShop software.

In order to statistically analyze the information we get from Google's cookies, we use Google Analytics:

Google can also use this information to improve their own services.

If you want to see the Revi cookies policy, please click here.

You can see our cookies, just clic to the left of the address bar of your web browser, over the closed padlock that shows that is a safe site. It will appear a new window where you can find a link to our cookies if you wish to see them.

If you wish to see all the cookies installed in your computer and change your preferences in order to either block, accept or delete them, you can change the settings of your web browser. Here you have links to how-to information for the most popular web browsers, if yours is not among them please take a look to the help of your web browser.

It is important to know that blocking cookies can make difficult, or even impossible, to use the functionality of our online shop.



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Additionally, you can also manage the stored cookies in your web browser by using tools such as:
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This information can be changed without notice due to changes in legislation or configurations of our website, although the last option will only happen very sporadically because our goal is the commerce and not the Web development. If a change occurs, we will let you know by appropriate means such as by posting the revised policy on this page with a new “Last updated” date.

We invite you to periodically review this Cookies Policy to make you aware of how we use them.

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