Combo motovelero ST Model Arcus M Rx-R, 2222mm, 1025g

Combo motovelero ST Model Arcus M Rx-R, 2222mm, 1025g

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The ST Model Arcus M is based on the full size SLMG (Self Launching Motor Glider) of the same name but has been adapted for the needs of a model aircraft.

ST has drawn on the knowledge gained in their DG1000 and refined it when designing the Arcus M. The Retractable Power System (RPS) has been improved and the Arcus has the additional features of retractable main wheel (with doors) and fully operating air brakes/spoilers.

The high aspect ratio wing is highly efficient, and when the motor is tucked away, you can really exploit any thermals that you find just like a sailplane. When it comes to landing, that efficient wing is can be double-edged sword, so popping out the very effective spoilers creates enough drag and lift reduction to put her exactly where you want. Perfect!

In common with all ST aircraft, the Arcus is CAD designed and then carefully moulded in durable EPO foam. Inside are the correct combination of carbon fibre re-enforcing to add strength where required without unneccessary weight.

The powerfull brushless motor will pull her skyward at an impressive rate and you only need a 3 cell 1300mAh Li-po to do it!

With the Arcus M, you can enjoy the fun of pure gliding without the need for a a launch system.


Length: 1000mm
Wing Span: 2222mm
Wing Area: 28.60dm2
Wing Loading: 35.8g/dm2
Flying weight: 930g - 1025g
Brushless motor: LD2627-1500
ESC: 20A
Servos: 9g x 7, 26g x 1
Battery: 1300mAh, 11.1V, 15C (required)
Radio required: 6 channel


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