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    Recommended RPM limits for APC propellers

    1. Speed 400 Electric
      Max. RPM=190,000/propeller diameter (inches)
      (For instance, a 5.25x4.75 propeller should not exceed 36190 RPM)

    2. Thin Electric (E) and Folding (F)
      Max. RPM=145,000/propeller diameter (inches)

    3. Multi-Rotor (MR)
      Max. RPM=105,000/propeller diameter (inches)

    4. Slow Flyer (SF) 
      Max. RPM=65,000/propeller diameter (inches)

    5. Racing propellers (including Carbon) on electric motors
      Pylon propellers 40, 8.75 N,W and 8.8
      Max. RPM=270,000/propeller diameter (inches)
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